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The Six Nations Rugby Championship, or sometimes called the RBS 6 Nations because of the title sponsor is a rugby competition that features six nations from Europe. Scotland, Wales, Italy and Ireland are all participants in the Six Nations as well as England and France. Previously, the tournament was known as the 5 Nations Championship, when there were five nations involved, and it has also gone by the moniker the Home Nations Championship. It has the distinction of being the first International Rugby tournament that was organized in the Northern Hemisphere of the world. The tournament goes all the way back to the year 1883.

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The format of this tournament is very simple. Each team will have a tournament against every other team one time. It will depend upon the year that the tournament is held whether or not the team has the home field advantage. There are two points scooped up for a win and one point given if the tournament is a draw. There are no bonus points. Teams complete a Grand Slam by winning all of the games. Currently, the defending champion is England, with three Grand Slams won before that, the first by France in 2010, then Ireland in 2009 and Wales in 2008. There were Grand Slams in 2002 through 2005 as well.

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Posted: 7th February 2012

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