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Hong Kong v Kazakhstan Live
Saturday 26th May 08:00 GMT Saturday, May 26th, the Asian 5 Nations Competition heats up with a match between Hong Kong and Kazakhstan which take...
26th May 2012
Japan v Hong Kong Live
Saturday 19th May 05:00 GMT The Asian 5 Nations continues with a tournament between Japan and Hong Kong in Tokyo on Saturday, May 19th at 14:00 l...
19th May 2012
Hong Kong v Korea Live
Saturday 5th May 08:00 GMT In the Asian Five Nations Rugby Competition this week, Hong Kong takes on Korea in Hong Kong. The date is Saturday, Ma...
5th May 2012
UAE v Hong Kong Live
Friday 27th April 16:00 GMT On Friday, April 27th, the Asian 5 Nations will see the United Arab Emirates go up against Hong Kong in Dubai. This m...
27th April 2012
Asian 5 Nations Live
The Asian 5 Nations Competition will happen again this year, officially called the HSCB 5 Nations Tournament, and this International rugby union ...
15th April 2012

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