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Russia v Uruguay Live
Tuesday 12th June 17:00 GMT The Nations Cup continues on Tuesday, the 12th of June with a game in Bucharest between Russia and Uruguay. This matc...
12th June 2012
Italy A v Russia Live
Friday 8th June 15:00 GMT On Friday, the 8th of June, the Nations Cup will be played featuring Italy A and Russia, with the match taking place in...
8th June 2012
Nations Cup Live
The IRB Nations Cup is a rugby competition featuring six teams that started in 2006 in Lisbon at the Estadio Universitario. This tournament origi...
4th June 2012
Australia v Russia Live
Saturday 1st October 02:30 GMT On Saturday, the 1st of October, Australia and Russia play in Nelson for another group stage match of the Rugby Wo...
1st October 2011
Ireland v Russia Live
Sunday 25th September 05:00 GMT The Rugby World Cup continues throughout this week, and especially this weekend, where Ireland and Russia will go...
25th September 2011
Italy v Russia Live
Tuesday 20th September 07:30 GMT On Tuesday, September 20th the Rugby World Cup continues with a match between Italy and Russia in Trafalgar Park...
20th September 2011
Russia v USA Live
Thursday 15th September 07:30 GMT On Thursday, September 15th we continue with the Rugby World Cup knockout phase with a match in New Plymouth be...
15th September 2011
Russia World Cup Rugby Live
Russia is between the United States and Namibia in the IRB Rankings in 19th right now, and they were previously in 19th as well. They will start ...
27th August 2011

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