Of course, chaotic bets on rugby are a sure path to failure. Cappers need to take into account a lot of factors to make an accurate forecast. Successful bets are possible with careful analysis of statistical indicators and their comparison. If you have managed to find an undervalued outcome by the bookmaker, quickly make a bet so that you can then count the profit.

Selection and analysis of the event

Initially, the capper must understand within the boundaries of which championship a particular event takes place. The most popular ones include:

  • The Six Nations Cup. The competition is held annually, with the participation of three representatives of Britain, as well as the national teams of France, Italy and Ireland.
  • International European championships. Annual championships for European teams that are not included in the top 6 of the rating.
  • European Champions Cup. An analogue of the football Champions League – club teams take part in the tournament.
  • Challenge Cup. An analogue of the Europa League in football. Also, the clubs playing in the European championships are playing.
  • Super Rugby. The tournament gathers the best Australian and South American club teams.
  • The World Cup. It takes place every four years, gathers the best national teams in the world.

Choosing a strategy

For betting on rugby competitions, individual strategies are not being worked out, but you can use existing ones. Basketball strategies are becoming especially relevant. Experts recommend taking into account a number of features when choosing a strategy:

Analyze the features of each tournament – how many points the teams score on average, what form the national team is in, etc.
Watch for changes in the lineups, especially if you bet on a rugby-7 match. When you do not fully understand the rules, it is recommended to refrain from betting.

Study the ratings of national teams or clubs, carefully watch the statistics of teams in general and the individual indicators of specific players.
Take into account the following patterns characteristic of rugby tournaments – it’s not easy to predict a head start in rugby. This is explained by the variety of effective actions. Some bring 2 points, and others-5.

Luck becomes an important factor

In rugby, cappers often bet more on totals. In most matches, at least one opponent breaks the individual total of 20+, and the total number of points scored in the match often exceeds the range of 38-42 points. The course of the confrontation is influenced by the weather, since the games are held in open areas, and the state of the field changes. Matches are not postponed or canceled, so the balance of power in bad weather can change dramatically.