Live bets are bids on the course of the game from the moment the event starts to its end. Their features are frequent changes in coefficients and a greater amount of information about the rugby game than before the start of the game.
You see how the team is playing, so you can make bids with more confidence in its passage. The coefficients change every minute depending on what is happening – for example, if one of the teams plays better, then the coefficient for its victory will be lower, and vice versa.

Differences between live bets and pre-match

Live broadcasts

Some matches in the ongoing show have an icon in the form of a rectangle with an arrow. This means that the company is conducting a lasting broadcast of the meeting. Broadcasts are available to all verified users – you need to log in, go to the event page and select the “Video” tab.

The coefficients change frequently

The coefficients change several times a minute. They depend on what is happening on the rugby field – goals, removals, injuries, substitutions. For example, when a goal is scored, the coefficient for the winning team decreases, and when it is removed, it increases. Thanks to this, players catch high odds in the games of outsiders and favorites.

A large amount of information

Before the broadcast of a rugby game, you don’t know what condition the players are in, how motivated they are, what arrangement the coach will choose. As the game progresses, all this information is available, so you have more chances to make a correct forecast. It is not necessary to watch the entire match – most often the first 15 minutes are enough to assess the strength of the teams.

How to put in live on rugby

  • Go to the sufficient gambling section. A list of current events and a switch of sports will appear. There is also a section on the site “Upcoming matches”.
  • Select a battle. To do this, select a sport and a tournament in the section menu.
  • Add any event to the coupon. A coupon is a list of events selected for a bid.
  • Wait for the bid to be settled. The bet in the ongoing game can be calculated during the event or after it ends-depending on what you bet on.
  • Withdraw your winnings or make the next bid.

Betting on the course of a rugby match is profitable

Every year, live sports gambling on rugby is becoming increasingly popular, including due to the development of technologies and the spread of the mobile Internet for broadcasting. In lasting betting on rugby, you must analyze matches in real time and make decisions as soon as possible. Use live gambling strategies to increase your chances of making a profit.