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Sunday 21st June 17:00 GMT


Having both beaten Spain and Namibia in the opening two rounds of fixtures at the 2015 World Rugby Nations Cup in Bucharest, the Argentina Jaguars and hosts Romania will play each other in what is effectively a final, the winners claiming the 2015 title. The match takes place in Bucharest on Sunday, with the two teams going into the contest with nine points each, although the hosts have a slightly better overall points difference, with +66, as against the Jaguars +29.

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The Argentina Jaguars had comfortably dispatched the Africans of Namibia by 30-10 in round one, before they encountered a physical and competitive Spanish outfit in their second fixture. The young Argentinian side led by just 3-0 at the break, before two tries early in the second half provided them with some breathing space. Eventually scraping home by just 15-6.

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The hosts have been more impressive in the way that they have dealt with their opponents in the tournament so far. Using their forward power to subdue the opposition, and pave the way for a 35-9 win against Spain, followed by a comprehensive 43-3 victory on Wednesday against fellow World Cup qualifiers, Namibia, at the Arcul de Triumf Stadium.

Posted: 12th June 2012


Bucharest is the venue for the Nations Cup match at 18:00 local time and 15:00 GMT between the Argentina Jaguars and the Romania Rugby team, on Tuesday, June 12th. The winner of this tournament was the South African Kings, and the tournament was hosted in Romania. In fact, the tournament has been hosted in Romania every year since the inception except for the very first year when it was hosted in Portugal. Other winners throughout the years have included the Emerging Springboks, Scotland A, Argentina A and Namibia.

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So far, the Jaguars, Emerging Italy and Romania are the only three teams that have won a match. However, there has only been one played so far. The Jags and Italy have five points each and Romania has four. The rest of the teams have no wins and no points.

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Posted: 21st June 2015

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