The Rugby World Cup 2011 Will Be the Best Yet According to Syd Millar

David WallaceDr. Syd Millar, who was on a forward for Ireland previously and was the chairman of the International Rugby Board four years ago says that the 2011 tournament will keep getting better, including this 2011 showing. After South Africa was able to take home the title in France in 2007, Millar said that the 2007 season was the best season of the Rugby World Cup ever and he believes the same to be true about the 2011 edition of the sport, which starts on September 9th and will continue to the 23rd of October with New Zealand hosting the matches this year.

Millar was quoted as saying that he wanted all players to enjoy the Rugby World Cup because it was all about the sport of rugby. He said that the last two tournaments played, 2007 and 2003, raised the bar and expects that the 2011 edition will once again make a better showing than ever before. He presented the Rugby World Cup caps to the Italian players recently at the Maori Marae, which brought a crowd of 500, some of whom had been part of a large welcoming group to meet the players as they disembarked the plane at Nelson Airport.

Dr. Millar also said that there is a correlation between the host cities and the success of the tournament, as well as a link between the tournament's excitement and the teams that are participating. He commented that today's teams have less time than he did when he started playing rugby back in 1959 when he arrived on a tour for the Lions, and that the players have more pressure to perform than ever. According to Syd Millar, Ireland is one of the teams feeling the pressure, as they did not win any of the warmup matches and lost David Wallace thanks to an injury. Five matches start the Rugby World Cup this week.

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Posted: 4th September 2011

Rugby News The Rugby World Cup 2011 Will Be the Best Yet According to Syd Millar

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