Already on the weekend, there will be a match between the national teams of Tongo and England, in the framework of the Autumn Nations Series. Against this background, a big blow to the British was the illness of their captain Owen Farrell, who recently received a positive covid test.

At the moment, the athlete is 30 years old and his condition remains consistently good. He will need additional tests soon. And although the team said that Farrell will skip training this Friday, he has a chance to take part in the tournament and the match against Tonga – this was announced by the Football Rugby Union. However, in the event of a speedy recovery, it is likely that Farrell will be forced to start from the bench due to missed training sessions.
At the moment, the athlete is already in isolation, and all of his teammates have no disease. Nevertheless, the players continue to take tests and at the same time prepare for the match in Twickenham against Tongo.
Despite the absence of a captain, the English squad remains extremely strong. The players are at their peak and ready to take on the confrontation. Fans will have a great match between the two strongest teams.

Source: BBC Sport