Rugby is not an easy sport for gambling, but with due effort and analysis of all the nuances of the game and gamble markets, it may well be “home” kind for players.

Types of bets on rugby

  • Issue
    The most basic type of betting in rugby is gambling on the result. You can choose one of three outcomes: A victory for the first team, a draw or a victory for the second team.
  • Gambling on the outcome in rugby. The probability of a draw in rugby is very low, but it still exists.
  • Exodus for a minute. A bid on the result by a certain minute of the match. If you are not satisfied with the outcome coefficient for the entire match, then you can consider the outcome option for a specific minute of the match, for example, for the 20th.
  • Handicap
    A handicap bid means how many points one of the teams will beat the other, for example, the first team must win by 9 or more points in the score.
  • Total
    In rugby, bets on the total are accepted for several indicators, if it is written simply “total” in the painting, then this is the whole number of points scored by both teams. The overall points in rugby, as in basketball, are offered very wide. This makes it possible to fully use the corridor strategy.
  • Total attempts
    A bid on the overall number of hits of a player with the ball in the scoring zone.
  • The first 10 points
    A bet on which of the teams will score 10 points first.
  • The first effective action
    A bet on which of the teams will be the first to perform an effective action: an attempt, a free kick, a goal from the game.
  • Individual bids
    Bids on the totals of individual teams in a match, half-time or in a certain period. Also, individual bids can be accepted on the totals of attempts, penalties, goals from the game and other things.
  • Combined bids
    Bets consisting of two events, for example, points of the first attempt / result of the 1st half:
    Gambling on half-time in rugby
    Sometimes combined wages consist of three outcomes, for example, the first points / the outcome of the half of the match / the outcome of the match:
    Long-term rates
    Long-term bets are accepted by bookmakers on the winners of tournaments or championships.

What to choose exactly for yourself?

Calculating bets on totals and handicaps in this sport is problematic, especially for inexperienced players. It is much easier to put a “flat” on the outcomes of fights, given the fairly high predictability of the results. The types of bids on rugby are quite familiar for standard gambling.